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Taking Back Control (of my social media)

So I had really good intentions for the beginning of the year to stop myself using social media quite so much, I calculated in the end that effectively I lost a day a week to social media, sounds ridiculous doesn't... Continue Reading →

Wifi down – is this the end of life as we know it?

For a couple of days we've had no Wifi here. It's of no consequence, except one can't check in on FaceBook, Instagram, WordPress or check the news (or other various functions one can't live without). So I came to Morocco... Continue Reading →

Selfies and Glasses

At a certain age - the need for glasses kicks in. In my case it was when I was about 16. I have always be quite naffed off about this. On the one hand

I am not invisible – Look!

A few years ago a friend of mine was wailing about becoming invisible. I didn't understand what she meant. She was around 50. As I approached

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