Charley Speakes

Playing with Paper – watercolour, doodling, calligraphy and quilling.



Ink to Paint

I started to try a little system where I would only give myself one minute to draw ...

Bits and Pieces

Bits and pieces that didn't fit in anywhere else plus my new dude pen.

Branching out – to Trees

And finally, washing and sploshing. And I so love this that I think I'm going to try and do a set throughout the seasons.

Flower Power and Me

I love adding ink as well and went to town a bit with ink. After that came daisies. I went a bit over the top with the ink and removed one of the pictures from this pile as it was really dire.

White Flowers or Fried Eggs

It's just extraordinary the effect. I tried it twice as the first one; while I loved the outcome.

Skillshare – Skills Galore

The odd thing is I don't really know what I want to paint until I'm painting, and then I don't want to stop. I am determined to understand these techniques, so if it doesn't go how I want in the first place, I will try and try again.

Learning Skills – at Last

On skillshare however, you can choose by a specific skill and by a level. This I love. I can't go to college to study (who can now), so this way feels the next best thing.

A Great Big Melting Pot

So I have been fannying around, going from YouTube tute to YouTube tute. I have paid for a few classes, some excellent, some total pants. Kerrie Woodhouse - brilliant - if you want to know the utter pants rubbish one, write to me and I'll let you know 😉

With a Cherry on Top

So I have lots of different types of paper, as kept listening to everyone who all give different advice ;-).

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