A Change in Direction

We all hit watersheds in our lives, and goodness knows, COVID19 has thrown quite a few of them up in the air.

I’ve always enjoyed art and fiddling, and have always fed my artistic needs on the side, this blog was to express my frustrations around my working life (hence being a little anonymous ;-).
So, with that in mind, I am going to change the focus of Charley Speakes now. I started Charley Speakes when I was very frustrated where my life was in connection to work mainly. That has now all changed, and I am not working in a day job anymore. Since last summer we have been ‘resting’ to see what comes up next. I have had time to refocus my thoughts onto full-time visual creativity, that is what I find is giving me the most peace and pleasure now.
I love quilling, painting, drawing, doodling and calligraphy. So, as you can see, it’s mostly paper-based stuff.

I think I will change the website’s layout and put all the old blurbs in one place.
That’s all. Just thought I’d say, as if you had been following for rants and now found doodles, you might have been a little confused. 😉

If on the other hand you fancy following? that would be brilliant.

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