Taking the Rough with the Smooth

As we have established, I love leaves and painting them. I also love gold. Mix the two up and that is just a very pleasant afternoon’s painting. I don’t know if you can call this painting or doodling.

I was also interested to see what difference if any it would make to paint on normal cold pressed paper or rough paper, so I tried the exercise on both.

Cold pressed paper 300 gsm 140 lb

So this one above was painted on cold press paper in my journal. I can’t quite get the richness of the colours, but it gives the idea.

Then this next picture was done on rough paper. I was able to get a shot that showed the gold. Again I just don’t know which one I prefer. Still so new to all this that not really sure which paper I prefer either.

Rough paper 300 gsm 140 lb

And then

Rough paper 300 gsm 140 lb

I’d love to hear your comments if you have any, if you prefer one to the other or feel it shows better on one type of paper more than the other?


  1. I’m no expert in watercolour, but over the last few years I’ve come to love rough paper! I love the textures you get with it, and can never seem to achieve the same colours on smooth. It might just be that when I dipped a toe in after a long period of not creating I did it with a book of Khadi cotton rag paper, which is really rough!
    I love what you’ve created here, makes me want to get my paints out 😊

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    • You’re so kind. I have to say I think the colours are richer with the rough paper, maybe because it’s thirstier? When I very first started playing with painting etc over 30 years ago, I only used the smoothest paper available so this painting with a tooth is all very new. I also got some khadi paper which I pulled out the other day and really liked it the second time around. When I got it a few months back I just thought I’d it as blotting paper. This is certainly a journey of discovery. Thank you so very much for your comments, it seems a complete vacuum at the moment with all the lockdown etc.

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