A Reborn Vegetable

So, the new year brought with it a partner with diverticulitis and the realisation I had put on over 3 stone (42 lbs) since giving up smoking 2 years ago.

I know very well that this is down to my one track ambition of being an alcoholic and scoffing as many sweets and crisps down my neck as possible.

I have chronic back pain and my pain killers are not so effective anymore so have added alcohol into the mix as a way of sleeping and trying to deaden the pain, which works to a certain extent but of course its not a good thing to do.

So my plan was to cut out alcohol for a month and eat just soup. (With the added help of stronger pain meds with instructions not to drink alcohol with them ;-).

In the meantime, we have had some fun getting new cook books. I found a brilliant recipe online which helped man with his flare up of DV.

The last night we watched ‘What the Health’ Click here for film

and that just made us sit there open mouthed.

At the end we looked at each other and said that’s it, no more meat in this house.

I cannot stress enough how much the facts and pictures that were shown impacted us. The corruption in all areas, from cancer charities and government departments, all being sponsored by the very bodies that are causing the damage.

So, rather than go on for hours, Ill leave it here for the time being, that for the time being this blog will now be documenting my (our) journey to vegetarianism. If you are interested in what is going into your body I cannot stress enough how interesting that documentary above is.

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