The X Factor Generation


I started work in the days of office juniors.  I can remember after about 5 years being given the task of giving the new office junior some jobs to do. I showed him the things I had done, and he just refused to do them, saying they were beneath him and he didn’t want to do them.  And I have watched over the years as this trend has continued.

There seems to be an entire generation now of entitled beings.  We appear to have grabbed and run with the American way of thinking ‘I deserve the best’.  If you read any self help books, there always seems to be an underlying theme of ‘you deserve only the best’.  I always want to ask why? Why do I deserve better than the next person? What makes me or anyone else for that matter ‘special’.  Yes I have so much more to say about this topic, but … is it really necessary 😉


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