Wifi down – is this the end of life as we know it?

For a couple of days we’ve had no Wifi here. It’s of no consequence, except one can’t check in on FaceBook, Instagram, WordPress or check the news (or other various functions one can’t live without).

So I came to Morocco about 20 years ago and again maybe 10 years ago. Neither time did we have WiFi. Not even sure I brought my mobile with me last time – possibly but it would only have been for those ‘up to 20 word’ texts you used to be able to do.

The point is, it did not change the experience one iota, it did possibly change the recording of it, but there’s the rub.

Life Through a Phone Lense

I keep seeing people experiencing everything through the lense of their phone. Yesterday a couple on a ghastly horse drawn carriage – ok if you want to experience life in a carriage being pulled by half starved overworked horses – that’s your choice, but from the look of it they were just filming the entire experience, hand extended, camera on, looking at the screen; so, they may have smelled and paid for the experience but they will see exactly what their friends will see, which they could really have just gotten from a quick search on YouTube.

I keep having to dart out of the way of people wandering down the alleys not looking where they are going but filming it on their phones, I get the taking of photos I really do, but this is not that, this is every waking moment thru their phone. Today walking past a cafe, a street side cafe, a gloriously exotic, fabulous place of smells and tastes and views so ultimately different from ‘our’ normal, but all you see if a sea of mobile phones either filming or being texted on, in fact little actual communication. Am I any different? Before this would have gone in a written diary, today it’s an online ‘diary’.

Thats all – just a bit sad. No conclusion.

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