Going Veggie? should I?

What do you think? I’m not sure.

Lately I have been seeing lots of “oh my gawd’ posts and comments about Halal meat.

I don’t really give a monkeys about whether it’s halal or not, the more one reads about it, the death of the creature is not a nice thing and it makes no odds whether it’s one minute or 20 seconds, it died in order for me to eat it.

And that is the problem. I used to be a vegetarian, but I stopped. Now???

Is that a correct way to live? I have a cat, and I look over at him and wonder why I don’t eat him? well he’s my friend and pet, but why shouldn’t I? and if it was a pig, or baby lamb or chicken or calf, why would that make any different?

It’s a strange thing. I don’t actually have a problem eating the meat, but I do have a problem buying and preparing the meat, and therefore am really wondering whether it is time it stopped, it finally stopped and I ate all the stuff which didn’t mean a living creature had to give up it’s life in order for me to have a meal?

I’d love to know your opinions?


  1. Enjoyed reading this! I haven’t eaten meat for 18 years, not because of my conscience but due to health/dietary requirements. Now I could not cope with a steak or fat piece of pork near my plate; my husband is a carnivore and when buying meat for him my purchases are always influenced by welfare. If a creature is going to be eaten make sure it had the best life it could. For me vegetarian food is healthy and cheaper as well as being far more varied and flavour full. Follow your institution and the right way to eat for you will become apparent. X

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    • Love that, I really am starting to think more this way. I’m so squeamish but forced myself to reread again how the creatures are farmed and just sat there a little stunned. Bless yr heart for your comment.


  2. great post. haha please don’t eat your cat! I’ve been vegetarian for the past month and i’m feeling a lot healthier probabaly because most vegetarian meals on a menu are quite healthy. I used to love eating chicken but after a few netflix documentries and ‘cowspiracy’ I felt that I didnt want to contribute to what the food industry is doing to animals. 🙂

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