Sometimes Life Gets in the Way

Remember howCovid completely threw everything up in the air? Well going back to work seems to do the same ;-). Mind you it’s very very very part-time (at the moment), so it shouldn’t have made that much difference, but it just seems to have and has nicked 2 days a week from my schedule.

Like everybody, (or everybody that I know at least) money is a little short, and I am really not sure how much longer I can manage without working, however, I am very aware of my age (I wish 60 was in the future – but it’s isn’t). But in the last 2 years, I have lost 3 friends and none of them due to the pandemic, and it has really brought it home that life is very short. So I need to manage my time better than I have been.

I had intended to update the website at least every month, but haven’t managed it, but will do much better in future. Mind I have had the same issue with not getting as many pictures painted as I wanted.

So, here are some foxes that I took a more than a week to paint.

I need more practice at painting deep fur.
Still wary of painting in my very nice watercolour sketchbook. Blow it and you have a record forever or mess up the book 😉
think I went a little overboard with the splatters 😉
I was happy with these, especially the boy looking up. The profile was done with walnut ink.
Enjoying experimenting with line and wash.

I would love to use collage-type efforts to show pictures but have noticed they don’t work on all devices, so am stubbornly sticking with doing them this way, as I think it is either the account type I have or the device being used, and neither is being changed for the time being.

I hope wherever you are and whatever you are doing, life is treating you well.

If anyone whatsoever has read this, as I question whether they actually get looked at, do please leave a comment.

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